Albanian Yellow & White Pages 2013 Book

June 8th, 2013

Albanian Yellow Pages 2013 Edition

Albanian Yellow & White Pages 2013 is published and is in the process of distribution everywhere where albanians lives and reside in US. On this edition of the Albanian Yellow Pages can find these inserts:

-Updated Albanian American Community Pages,

-Albania and Kosova Consular Services in US insert,

-Welcome to USA -Insert for new immigrants in US,

-How to become United States Citizen Insert,

-Personal Injury Insert,

-Know Your representative in US Congress & Senate,

-Evereything you need to know about Kosova -Full color Insert*

-Updated White Pages Section,

-Full color Yellow Pages Section, and

-Albanian Wedding Guide



*This year in cooperation with the Ministry of Diaspora of the

Republic of Kosova, IPAK and others, in an effort to promote

Kosova in the United States, we are running an insert with

information on the country, tourist attractions, investment

opportunities and more.

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