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  • The Albanian Yellow Pages is the first and only all Albanian Business Directory and Information Resource combined in one. While regular Yellow Pages target geographical areas Albanian Yellow and White Pages targets this specific ethnic segment of the population and offers valuable information to the community such as community guides, government listings, information about new arrivals, etc… making it a valuable “to have” in every Albanian household.
  • The Albanian Yellow Pages lists Albanian owned and operated businesses as well as others doing business with Albanians. It also lists important community organizations, religious institutions, media outlets,etc…
  • Praised by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Senator Chuck Schummer and many others in government and business for it’s role in targeting and helping Albanian Americans.
  • Albanian Yellow Pages is distributed for free and is the most visible tool to reach Albanian Americans in USA.
  • First edition of the Albanian Yellow Pages was published in 1998. The next 17th edition of the Albanian Yellow Pages will be published in 2014.
  • The book contains white pages section a list of of albanian american residents in US. Albanian White Pages is a phone directory of Albanian American residents that resides in the US. There is a large Albanian community in the United States, particularly on the East Coast. With in the past 10 years, Albanians have doubled if not tripled in size and have been joined by increasing numbers of albanians from Albania, Kosova, Montenegro and Macedonia.
  • As per our research in past 17 years and other government and non government data, there are approximately 1 MILLION albanians in the US.
  • Albanian Yellow Pages is adjusting to a more interactive website and on My 15, 2013 has launched the Albanian Yellow Pages application to provide consumers with a user-friendly tool to easily search and discover businesses when using an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device.
  • The free mobile application enables users to search the Albanian Yellow Pages businesses and other community informations. Easy Business phone number look-up, Easy click‐to‐call dialing, List & Map Views, Easily access addresses, websites and emails
  • The Albanian Yellow Pages application can be downloaded directly to an Iphone, Ipad or Android device by visiting the App Store/ Search for Albanian Yellow Pages.


US : NY, NJ, CT, MI, IL, PA, FL, TX, MA, AZ, OH, DC, VA, CA,…
CANADA: Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa.
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